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Translation means rendering information in the source language into the target language in written form. Hungarian translation service is a team of professional translators capable of delivering the highest quality of translation from English into Hungarian.

Before a translator is added to our team, they need to demonstrate that they possess the following competences:

  • Translating competence - this the first and foremost competence. And it is not just about being able to understand the source text but also being able to provide an exact transfer of information in the target language, including preservation of the style.
  • Cultural competence - Cultural competence includes the ability to make use of information on the locale, behavioural standards and value systems that characterise the source and target cultures.
  • Familiarity with the subject matter of the text being translated
  • A thorough understanding of the etymological and idiomatic correlates between the two languages.


Localization goes beyond Hungarian Translation in the sense that it is aimed at adapting a product or content to a specific locale. Hungarian Translation is only one of several elements of the localization process. The localization process may also have the following components:

  • Modifying content to meet the needs of other markets
  • Conversion to local requirements (e.g. using the metric system instead of the imperial one, etc.)
  • Applying the local formats for dates, addresses, and phone numbers
  • Taking into consideration local regulations and legal requirements

All these changes aim to recognize local sensitivities, avoid conflict with local culture, customs, common habits, and enter the local market by merging into its needs and desires. For example, localization aims to offer country-specific websites of the same company or different editions of a book depending on where it is published.
At Hungarian translation service each translator translates only into their mother tongue in order to ensure linguistic and cultural compliance with local needs.


We provide professional interpreting services to help you communicate with non-English speakers. The interpreting services can take the following forms:

Simultaneous -  the interpreter renders the message in the target-language as quickly as he or she can formulate it from the source language, while the source-language speaker continuously speaks.

Consecutive - the interpreter speaks after the source-language speaker completed one or two complete sentences. The speech is divided into segments, and the interpreter sits or stands beside the source-language speaker.

Telephone - telephone interpreting enables interpretation via telephone. The interpreter is added to a conference call. Telephone interpreting may be used in place of on-site interpreting when no on-site interpreter is readily available at the location where services are needed. 

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"I appreciate all of the work that you do that goes into translating. I am very fortunate to have found you." (Marianna, USA)
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"Just wanted to let you know that the client has sent feedback on your translation and I think that you should be proud of your work." (Maurice, Managing Director of a translation agency in the Netherlands)

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