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There are plenty of reasons why you may want to have the translation of your website prepared into different languages. This article is about creating a multilingual website to comply with the requirements of a grant agreement for projects funded by the European Union. If you have any experience with projects funded by the EU, you will already know that the EU likes to show off that their funded projects produce results and these results would not have come into existence without the support of the EU.



Making use of previously translated texts

The reusability of previously translated materials depends mainly on the type of texts you need translated. Technical texts, especially user guides that are updated with the products they accompany are more likely to have repetitions in them.


Quality assurance

Translators' competences

The quality of your translated document ultimately boils down to the professional competences of the individual translator working on your document. These competences, according to the European standard related to translation services, include


Hungarian translation service


Hungarian Translation

Translation means rendering information in the source language into the target language in written form. Hungarian translation service is a team of professional translators capable of delivering the highest quality of translation from English into Hungarian.

Before a translator is added to our team, they need to demonstrate that they possess the following competences:


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