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There are plenty of reasons why you may want to have the translation of your website prepared into different languages. This article is about creating a multilingual website to comply with the requirements of a grant agreement for projects funded by the European Union. If you have any experience with projects funded by the EU, you will already know that the EU likes to show off that their funded projects produce results and these results would not have come into existence without the support of the EU.
For that reason, all projects must have a dissemination plan in place as early as in the proposal phase with a section describing the project website. In addition to enabling project partners to communicate with one another and storing project results, a multilingual website is one of the best ways to disseminate project results to various stakeholders including the general public. It is the latter target group where the translation of the web pages comes handy. When it is about only project partners, the reference language is predominantly English, but when it comes to disseminating to an EU-wide audience, consideration must be given to the linguistic diversity of the continent.

Project results 

If your project results will be interesting for an audience larger than just the scientific community of that specific field, plan ahead and indicate it in your project proposal. It will surely come down well with the evaluators if they see a multilingual website planned to reach people who would otherwise be excluded by the language barrier. This is one the scenarios where our Hungarian translation service can help you. Our main field of activity is to provide translation services from and into Hungarian but with the help of our network of professional translators, we can provide translations involving all European languages. 

Stakeholder engagement

In some projects it is not only for the purposes of dissemination where a multilingual website may come handy. In the case of an IMI project (IMI provides funding for collaborative research projects aimed at developing better and safer medicines for patients) you can ensure patient involvement throughout the project lifetime.
The author of this article has been active in the non-scientific management of EU-funded research projects for more than 15 years. As part of taking care of administrative and financial reporting to the funder, his tasks have included the creation of project websites.

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