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If you have ever wondered what factors have an impact on the quality of translation, these articles highlight some these aspects.

How to prepare your source documents for translation

How to prepare your source documents

Some tips on how to create source files ready for translation

You can save a lot of time and money if you prepare the source documents with the need for translation in mind. Computer-aided translation tools (CAT tools) move from segment to segment as the translator works his way through your document. When a segment is translated, it is added to the memory of the CAT tool (translation memory, or TM) and it will offer the translation to the translator the next time he comes across the same segment. The CAT tool works ideally when the segments that are meant to be identical are actually identical. 

Localization style guides for digital content

Localization style guides for digital content

Localization is rapidly becoming one of the sectors with the highest volumes of translation. Among the many technological, communicative, textual, and pragmatic challenges that localizers face, adapting their writing style to the demands of screen reading is an essential skill that needs to be acquired. Usability studies have shown that reading on screen is normally 25% slower than on paper and, in general, users do not "read" but scan through screen texts until they find what they are looking for: simply what interests them.

How to choose your translation service provider

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When do you need translation services?

You may have several reasons to have your content translated. Perhaps you just want to grow your business to reach new markets, e.g. if you notice a marked increase in the number of visitors to your website from other countries, you may want to provide your content in the language of your target audience. Perhaps you need translation services to be able to comply with regulatory requirements e.g. if you want to export certain products to the European Union of which Hungary is a member of.

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